Second Annual Prayer Breakfast

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Special thanks to all those who made it out to our second Annual Prayer Breakfast.

On October 28th, we had our second Annual Prayer Breakfast and it was awesome! We had Richard Long with us, Director of Love Ottawa, who inspired us with stories from Ottawa and the importance of uniting as the Church.

He shared a few images to inspire us in our unity: one of trees planted perfectly in rows and another of a crazy jungle. Explaining that unity doesn’t need to look like perfect trees in complete alignment and it also needs a little more structure than a wild jungle. He then showed a beautiful garden with many different plants, trees and flowers and explained that this is what church unity could look like. We don’t all need to be exactly the same but together we could be a beautiful example of the Church, impacting our community together. Loved this!

We also had Alena with us from the TQSOI who reiterated the importance of unity and working together in the community. She shared with us a bit about some of the needs in the west island and how they are working to address them. I recently joined a couple of the TQSOI round tables (Food Security and Poverty and Social Exclusion) and it’s been a joy to work and learn from some of the people working hard to create change and hope in our neighbourhoods.

Together we prayed for the education system, the Tables de Quartier’s, food security, first responders and our city leaders. People seemed encouraged to learn a little more about and pray for their community as the larger Church in the west island.