Urbanus is a theological, educational network for training urban practitioners with practical tools for contextual ministry in large francophone cities.
Activities and Goals
  • Undergraduate and graduate curriculum of courses in urban theology, missiology and ecclesiology taught in over 30 schools across the francophone world by Urbanus partners
  • Initiatives of AIDS education and prevention in Haiti and French Africa
  • Expansion of pedagogical resources on CD-ROM for Bible schools and urban practitioners
Missiological Challenges in large French cities
  • Deep poverty
  • Large Muslim populations
  • Significant numbers with AIDS
  • Massive secularization in Europe and Canada
  • Religious and tribal pluralism
  • The scarcity of good training resources for pastors and urban missionaries
La Francophonie (the francophone world)
  • 51 French-speaking countries or regions with a total population of 500 million
  • Vast urbanization across La Francophonie
    23 cities – 1,000,000 + people
    51 cities – 250,000 + people

Urbanus Resources

Free Article in PDF format — Urban Bibliography



The Gospel and Urbanization — 5th edition, five sections including Lausanne Paper no. 37 sold in the Boutique.